October 24, 2017 – Boeing Tour, Everett, WA

Boeing Broch

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One comment on “October 24, 2017 – Boeing Tour, Everett, WA

  1. Below are those attendees who are confirmed and paid as at Sept. 15th, 2017. Payment has to have been received in order to be confirmed.

    For logistical reasons we have had to cut back from 56 to 52 attendees. We are now at 45. If you don’t see your name below it means we have not received your payment. If you would like to go you must get your payment in quickly as we are nearing our cutoff number.

    Alfred Hurwitz
    Anders Nordin
    Arnold Dlin
    Bernard Rowe
    Bill Thomas
    Bob Leeson
    Bob Nash
    Bob Wood
    Brian McGavin
    Bruce Ledingham
    Carl Jonsson
    Chris Finch
    Chris Lay
    Constantine Pappas
    David Jenks
    Don Griffiths
    Doug Blackman
    Grant Smith
    Herb Grubel
    Hugh Lindsay
    Ian Paterson
    Ian Reid plus wife
    Jeremy Hopper
    Jim McLennon
    John Dawson
    Ken Waithman
    Nick LeMoine
    Nick Scarfe
    Norm Anderson
    Norm Marenych
    Orrin Webber
    Otto Forgacs
    Owen Owens
    Paul Beckmann
    Peter Brock
    Peter Scott
    Peter Stigings
    Reg Barclay
    Rich Carson
    Richard Spencer
    Richard Wagner
    Robert Vroom
    Roy Oakey
    William Adams
    William Stronck

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