October 11, 2022

Presidents’ Lunch

Past Presidents, 2022

Our October activity was for our Presidents’ Lunch at The Arbutus Club, for the first time since 2019. This is the event where we honour our past presidents who have given their time and talents to keep our club on track since its founding in 1997. We had 13 of the 25 past presidents at the lunch. Our current President, Peter Scott, moved on to the introduction of our Past Presidents, who received a hearty round of applause.

He then called on to Mrs. Fiona Dalton for her presentation of the New St. Paul’s Hospital.

Due to slow registration for this event, which has been a problem for all of our events as we gradually come out of Covid 19, we could only guarantee 50 people so we decided to pay for only one screen and speaker system. When we invited the members of The Women’s Club to join us and our own members started to register, it was too late to change the set up. By then, the extra space required for the club to accommodate the 100 people we finally had would require our lunch buffet to be set up in a separate room and the club had rented it to another party by that time. We apologize to those guests who were seated at the rear of the room as the acoustics and video presentation were difficult to follow. We have taken note and will not let this happen next year!