August 7, 2012 – Board of Directors Minutes


Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Directors of the Probus Club of Vancouver held at the Vancouver Lawn Tennis and Badminton Club, 1630 West 16th Avenue, Vancouver, B.C. on August 7, 2012 at the hour of 9:30am.

Bill Sexsmith – Past President
Don Newman – President
Wayne Audette – Vice President
Doug Lambert – House Committee Chairman
Conrad Rademaker – Membership Committee Chairman
Norm Leach – Vice Chairman of Membership Committee
Jack Zaleski – Website Committee Chairman
Bill Robertson – Activities Committee Chairman
Toni Weall – Member Services Committee Member
Brian Wasson –Secretary
Ken Yule-Assistant-Secretary
Gordon Thom – Historian/Archivist
Roy Williams – Newsletter

Calling Meeting to Order
President Don Newman called the meeting to order at 9:30 am.
Brian Wasson acted as Secretary.
A quorum of members being present, the Chairman declared the meeting properly constituted for the transaction of business.

The Chairman called for recognition of some of the outgoing members of the Board of Directors. Firstly, outgoing Past President Bill Sexsmith, who piloted Strategic Planning to completion and worked tirelessly and effectively to make Rendezvous 2011 a success, among other contributions. Brian Wasson for completing the incorporation of the Club.  Conrad Rademaker for his contributions to Membership, who had a steady hand in dealing with many issues.
Gordon Thom for his many years of service, including President in 2001. He has been instrumental in converting archives into electronic form and has been active in Bridge and Investments.
He also complimented the incoming President, Wayne Audette and Vice President,
Jon Collins as a strong team.

1. Minutes of Meeting of June 5, 2012

Upon MOTION the Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting of June 5, 2012 were approved as circulated.

2. Business arising from the Minutes of June 5, 2012

.1   2012-2013 Presidents’ Luncheon –Final Details
The next Presidents’ Lunch, for members and spouses is scheduled to take place on October 9, 2012, at Marine Drive Golf Club. The speaker, Joseph Caron will speak after the lunch, not before. Assembly will take place at 11:00 am, lunch at noon and speaker at 1:00pm. Wayne Audette confirmed the cost to members will be $45.00 which is based on a member subsidy of $4.00.

.2 Succession Planning
Upon MOTION, the slate of Officers and other members of the Board of Directors
for the 2012-2013 year prepared  and circulated by the Succession Committee was
approved in the form circulated for presentation at the AGM in September (copy

.3 Reporting Relationship of the Historian/Archivist to the Website Committee
The ad hoc committee of Bill Sexsmith, Gordon Thom and Jon Collins recommends that
the Historian be an ex officio member of the Board of Directors and a member of
the Website Committee. The Historian will report to the Board of Directors several
times a year. Upon MOTION, these changes were approved and the Chairman asked that
the job description for the Historian/Archivist be changed accordingly.

3. Treasurer’s Report
In the absence of Treasurer Richard Carson, Wayne Audette reviewed the 2011-2012 Financial Statement circulated by the Treasurer following which upon MOTION the Financial Statement was unanimously approved without change.
The Chairman asked that the Financial Statement be posted on the website and that copies be available at the AGM in September.


.1  Speakers
In absence of Speakers Committee Chairman Brian Maunder, the Chairman pointed out that speakers have been secured to the end of the year and into Spring in accordance with guideline to be booked six months ahead. In reply to a query, Norm Leach advised that the webpage bios on speakers are now up to date.

.2   Activities
Activities Chairman Bill Robertson advised that there was a vey low response to the next two planned activities; a walk in the Strathcona area and a Behind the Scenes tour of the Aquarium, in spite of email notices. Bill will solicit participation at next week’s meeting. The possibility of a Bard on the Beach backstage tour was discussed. Ken Yule who has taken the tour advised that it is physically demanding. In the past there has been a poor response to the Bard as an activity.

.3 Membership
Conrad Rademaker distributed a Report of the Membership Committee (copy attached).  Membership now stands at 396 with three new members to be accepted at the August meeting. The Chairman pointed out that it is the number of participating members which is the real issue and that number has remained reasonably constant over the past few years.
The increasing average age of the membership was again discussed. There are  at this time only 43 members 70 or under. The Membership Committee will work on the problem with the more junior members.

.4   House
Doug Lambert advised that the next task is membership renewals.

.5 Member Services
Toni Weall reported that programs are going forward.

.6 Newsletter
The cutoff for the September Newsletter is  August 24.

.7 Historian/Archivist
Norn Weitzel is set to take over the  redefined position.

.8 Website
This is the first report of the separated Website Committee by its Chairman, Jack Zaleski.
He reported that the website has been revamped with some anomalies still to be dealt with.  He pointed out that photos have been posted to 2009-2010 but not since. Roy Williams will supply photos from the Newsletter. Activities are being updated erratically. Jack suggested setting up the new Probus computer at the next Management Meeting to help people navigate the website.
There was general agreement that the Newsletter remain the archival record of monthly meetings.

5 . New Business

.1 Club Purchase of Laptop Computer
Upon MOTION it was unanimously agreed to authorize the purchase of a laptop computer  for a price not to exceed $500, the primary function of which to assist speakers with their presentations.

.2  September AGM
Upon MOTION the form of Notice and Agenda for the September 11, 2012 AGM were approved.

.3 Approval of Indemnity Agreement of Board of Directors Members
Upon MOTION, the form of Indemnity Agreement between the Club and the Members of the Board of Directors in the form circulated was approved.

.4 Probus Executive Duties Updates
Upon MOTION, the amended forms of Executive Duties(copies attached circulated by the Chairman were approved. The Chairman requested Jack Zaleski to send a draft of the duties of the Website Chairman to Don Newman who will do a final draft and update the duties of the Historian/Archivist for approval at the next Management Meeting.

6. Other Business
Bill Sexsmith asked for a motion of thanks to the outgoing President for his outstanding leadership and direction. The Motion was made and unanimously passed.

7.  Adjournment

There being no further business, upon motion the meeting terminated.

Don Newman, President
Brian Wasson, Secretary