March 23, 2011: B.C. Cancer Research Centre Visit

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Wednesday March 23rd

$20 per person (payable in advance)
PROBUS Vancouver is fortunate to have the opportunity to see “behind the scenes” at the B.C. Cancer Agency Research Centre, at 675 west 10th Ave., Vancouver.
The B.C. Cancer Agency is world renowned for its leadership in cancer research and patient care. Its Genome Sciences Centre is one of the top four centres in the world; its population-based cancer control system is unique; and it has a large collection of data and tissue samples taken over an extended period. Close collaboration between the Agency’s researchers and clinicians allows the doctors to bring their clinical questions and challenges directly to the researchers, and the researchers in turn to share their find-ings immediately, translating discoveries into improved patient care.

We will gather at the Centre at 9:30 a.m. for coffee, tea and name tags. About 9:45 in the Diamond Lecture Theatre Doug Nelson, President of the B.C. Cancer Foundation, will welcome us and introduce Dr. Connie Eaves, Vice-President of Research at the Agency, who will give an overview of the Agency’s exciting recent discoveries (seven in the last 18 months alone) and fascinating ongoing research projects, and explain the interaction between research and patient care. Following the information session researchers will take us in small groups through a Research Centre laboratory, explaining the work being done there. We will then all meet back at the Diamond Theatre and expect to finish around 11:30 a.m..
Parking in the area is limited, and expensive. The Agency lot is one block east of the Research Centre, at 10th Avenue and Ash, with the entrance from Ash. Members may wish to come by public transit or to arrange carpools.
This event is limited to 50 people, members and “partners”. If registration exceeds 50, we will maintain a waiting list in case of cancellations. Please register in one of the following ways:
1. Sign up at Member Services with cheque (preferred) or cash at the February 8th or March 8th PROBUS meeting.
2. Register and pay online by clicking the button below:
Registration no longer available, event has passed.

3. Mail your cheque, payable to Probus Club Vancouver, to Bill Robertson at: 3711 Puget Drive, Vancouver B.C. V6L 2T8.
For further information contact Ken Yule at or 604-266-4563.

Registered Attendees:

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