Activities Committee

Chairman – Rich Carson

Tel. (604) 261-0974 email –


The Activities Committee currently has seven members who meet every two to three months to discuss and choose activities that it believes the Probus membership will enjoy. The Committee welcomes and takes cognizance of Probus member suggested activities and continually is on the lookout for interesting possible events. Suggestions for events are always welcome.

This Committee is in charge of arrangements for the annual January Presidents’ Luncheon and undertakes 4-5 other activities spread throughout the year.

Once an activity is identified as a possible event, two to three members of the committee preview the opportunity, experiencing it first hand and then report back to the committee with their evaluation. One member of the Committee will be the lead person in charge of organizing the event. Some of the activities are limited to Probus members only. However, in the past two years more of our events are now open to guests of the Probus members. Many of the Probus member wives have strongly advocated for more open events – now over half of our events are open to guests. At most of our events we meet 30 minutes early and have a tailgate coffee and pastry party – a great way to meet and greet other Probus members. Most activities take place on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday the third week of the month, one week past the monthly Probus meeting.

We advertise upcoming events in the monthly Probus newsletter as well as on the website, describe them from the podium at two Probus meetings prior to the event and send out email announcements by email and hard copy.
Payment for events may be made by cash or cheque – we prefer cheques for the larger events and cash for the smaller events. The charges are kept to a minimum and are budgeted to break even. The cost for most of our activities is around twenty dollars. Except for the larger events, a booking can usually be cancelled one week ahead with your registration fee totally refunded.

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