Member Services Committee


Member Services Committee

Chairman – Raymond Greenwood

Tel. (604) 733-6453  Email –

The Member Services Committee is responsible for securing Greeters, Cashiers and Past President Greeters for each Probus Meeting. Have you ever wondered how this is done? Well, it is accomplished by phone by members of your Member Services Committee who have found our membership very willing to help in these capacities. The names of the “Team” are announced in the Newsletter providing a reminder to those scheduled for duty. In addition, “Team” members are phoned a day or two before the meeting.
Cashiers for the $5 parking fee are provided with a float (because many members bring $20 bills) as well as extra parking passes for newcomers and replacements for lost passes. The parking money is passed along to the Treasurer who in turn pays it to EasyPark.

The Member Services Desk at each meeting provides “print your own” name tags for guests and extra forms for new member applications as well as a source for handling members’ questions and solving problems. Also, new members who are being introduced at a meeting leave their dues checks at the Member Services Desk. Handouts, brochures, questionnaires and other announcements usually reside at the “Desk”.

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