Speakers Committee

Speakers Committee

Chairman – Bill Hooker

Tel. 604-261-5604  Email – mayneid@yahoo.com

The Vancouver Probus Club prides itself on the quality of speakers at its monthly meetings. The Speakers Committee is responsible for selecting and organizing the monthly speakers for the club.

The Speakers Committee involves two groups that meet twice a year: the “Think Tank” and the “Speakers Steering Committee”.

The Think Tank has some 30 Probus members who each bring three suggestions for speakers and subjects to the group for critique and acceptance. For example at the Think Tank meeting in January 2015, 42 excellent proposals were discussed.

The Speakers Steering Committee (the group of sober second thought) reviews the proposals from the Think Tank plus critiques the recent speakers and their subjects. The key considerations in selecting speaker or subject are:

  • Speaking and Presentation ability – has a committee member heard him or her recently?
  • Is the subject matter of vital interest to our Probus members?
  • Is the subject topical (or yesterday’s news)?
  • Have we had the same subject in the past 12 months?
  • Are we presenting a balance of subjects – health, political (urban,  provincial, federal, global), business, education, etc. over an 18 month period?

Every effort is made to book the Speakers six months ahead. Last minute cancellations happen so a constantly updated “Emergency list” of speakers is maintained.

Probus Vancouver members who would like to get involved in the Speakers Committee are invited to send the Chair an email.
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