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Our Mailing Address

PROBUS Club of Vancouver
PO Box 74539 Kitsilano
Vancouver BC V6K 4P4

Our Board of Directors

President Peter Scott 604-263-1746
Past President Hugh Lindsay 604-732-0366
Vice President Hugh Chaun 604-261-8437
Secretary Tim Sehmer 604-263-7332
Treasurer Doug Cucheron 604-687-2006
Speakers Committee Chair Bill Hooker 604-261-5604
Membership Committee Chair Peter Hamilton 604-730-9975
Activities Committee Chair Jack Zaleski 604-328-4288
Website Committee Chair Peter Brock 604-727-0380
Newsletter Editor and Publisher David Pulfrey 604-263-6780
Membership Services Committee Chair Raymond Greenwood 604-733-6453
Historian/Archivist Roy Williams 604-926-4727

Suggestions and Comments

We welcome your comments and suggestions for speakers and activities. Please direct them to the appropriate committee chair.