December 4, 2012 – Board of Directors Minutes

Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Directors of the Probus Club of Vancouver held at the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club, 3811 Point Grey Road, Vancouver, B.C., on December 4, 2012 at 9:30 am.

Don Newman – Immediate Past President
Wayne Audette – President
Jon Collins – Vice-President
Rich Carson – Treasurer
Doug Lambert – House Committee Chairman
Brian Maunder –Speakers Committee Chairman
Bill Robertson – Activities Committee Chairman
Tony Weall – Member Services Committee Chairman
Roy Williams – Newsletter Editor
Ken Yule – Secretary
Jack Zaleski – Website Committee Chairman
REGRETS:  Norm Leach (Membership Committee Chairman)

President Wayne Audette called the meeting to order at 9:30 am.
Ken Yule acted as secretary.
A quorum of members being present, the Chairman declared the meeting properly constituted for the transaction of business.

Minutes of Meeting of October 2, 2012
Upon MOTION (Don Newman, Jon Collins) the Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting of October 2, 2012 were adopted as circulated.

Business arising from the Minutes of October 2, 2012
All business arising is addressed under subsequent agenda items.

Presidents’ Luncheon Debriefing
Concern was expressed that fewer members attended the luncheon than a regular October meeting.   There was a consensus that the meeting went on too long, and that the speaker should precede the meal.   It was suggested that the Past Presidents be seated throughout the room, and be introduced more briefly or all together.   The food was reported generally good.   The comments on the service were very mixed, particularly at the back of the room.   The microphone/audio was an issue.   The deficit of $1352.48 is under budget.   Jon Collins’ committee will survey the membership and report to the February meeting.  Jon Collins is to confirm Marine Drive Golf Club for Tuesday October 8, 2013.

Executive Duties Update
UPON MOTION (Brian Maunder, Don Newman) the Committee approved the statement of the duties and responsibilities of the Website Committee Chairman circulated by Jack Zaleski, which is attached.
UPON MOTION (Jack Zaleski, Doug Lambert) the Committee approved the statement of the duties and responsibilities of the Newsletter Editor circulated by Roy Williams, which is attached.
All the statements of executive duties are posted on the Management section of the Website.   Updating is the responsibility of each office holder, and the Committee should review them periodically.

Newsletter cameos
The President reported that cameos of all the new Board of Directors members have appeared in the Newsletter, completing this project.

Treasurer’s Report
UPON MOTION (Tony Weall, Doug Lambert) the Committee approved the financial statement to Nov. 30 circulated by Treasurer Rich Carson, which is attached.   The bank balance of $38,000 is expected to be about $25,000 by fiscal yearend (July 31).
Discussion ensued about reports that a related company of HSBC Canada, where the Club banks, has been convicted of money laundering.   The Treasurer is satisfied with the service we currently receive, though some other members have had less happy experiences.   The Treasurer will examine alternatives, and recommend to the February meeting whether to stay at HSBC or where to move.

Secretary’s Report
Ken Yule reported that the Annual Report and amended bylaws were sent to the Club’s solicitors in October for filing with the Registrar of Companies, and expects confirmation of their acceptance shortly.   He will then send the amended bylaws to Probus Canada and the website.

Speakers Committee
Brian Maunder identified the speakers who are scheduled through June.
There will be a Special Meeting with Chief Justice Beverly McLachlin which will likely be for members only and require pre-registration.    Brian Maunder will confirm the date (Feb. 26 or 27) shortly, following which the venue will be selected.
Speakers’ biographies are assembled from the speaker’s response to a request from Brian Maunder, which is not always forthcoming, and from Roy Williams’ research into their websites. Brian Maunder sends them to Jack Zaleski for publication.

Activities Committee
Bill Robertson reported a profit of $386.32 on the most successful Reifel Bird Sanctuary trip in which 45 members and guests, led by five guides, participated.   This profit comes after a donation of $300 to the B.C. Wildfowl Society.
Five activities are planned for 2013, the first in March.
In conjunction with the Treasurer, Bill Robertson advised that members’ cheques must cover one event only, to prevent accounting confusion.
The Committee applauded the contribution of the Activities Committee this year.

Membership Committee
Jack Zaleski reported for Norm Leach.   There are 377 active and 13 inactive members.   The number who have not yet renewed but may do so is down to one or two.   Fifteen are on the waitlist, being admitted at the rate of three each month.    Jack Zaleski will discuss with Norm Leach the present target of a maximum of 400 active members.
The membership profile is: 11 over 90; none under 60; 51 between 60-70; average age 78.   344 out of 390 have e-mail.

House Committee
Doug Lambert is satisfied with how things are going.   He will obtain some more Greeter’s Badges.   We do not yet have any Past President Greeter’s Badges.

Website Committee
Jack Zaleski stated that the Board of Directors is now able to alter all aspects of the website except the page design and home page layout.  He welcomes suggestions on possible improvements and also any difficulties members may be having with it.   Suggestions were forthcoming: add headers on the front page; a drop-down directed towards potential new members; a revamped front page based on the North Shore Probus webpage; and drop-down lists of Past Presidents (with year of office) and Honourary Life Members.   Jack Zaleski will obtain a quote from Sophia.
Jack Zaleski is training several members on how to update the website.

Members Services
Tony Weall is pleased to be meeting members as he recruits greeters and cashiers.   The response to carpooling is minimal to date, and Tony will promote it one more time from the podium at the next members’ meeting.   He is prepared to assist any member with registration.
It was suggested that the membership list include a photograph of each member, or of each new member.   The Membership Committee is to consider the photograph issue and make recommendations.
Roy Williams has recruited Peter Scott as newsletter editor backup and Tony Weall as backup for setting up meetings.   He will approach Orrin Webber as backup Power Point person and is looking for a backup photographer.
Roy Williams has prepared an inventory of Club equipment that he is storing at home, which will be posted on the Management Site of the website.   Doug Lambert has a Probus fax machine.

In the absence of Norm Weitzel there was no report from the Historian/Archivist.

16-17.   New Business
17.1   UPON MOTION (Don Newman, Brian Maunder) the Committee endorsed the nomination of Bill Sexsmith as the representative from this District on the Probus Canada board, and congratulated him.   Wayne will make an announcement from the podium at the next members’ meeting.   The North Shore clubs have indicated they will support Bill’s nomination.   Wayne will advise the other Lower Mainland clubs of this nomination.
17.2   Don Newman raised the question whether the Club should have honourary and life members, and how they should be appointed.   UPON MOTION (Roy Williams, Tony Weall) the Committee decided that Life Members should be replaced by Honourary Life Members appointed by the Board of Directors.   UPON MOTION (Don Newman, Rich Carson) the Committee decided that the category of Honourary Members should be deleted.   These changes will require amendments to the Club’s bylaws and approval at a general meeting.   The Secretary will draft amendments.
17.3   John Dawson, who was instrumental in negotiating the EasyPark arrangement, reports that some members seem to be forgetting to pay their $5 parking fee.   This could jeopardize the arrangement, the ease of which is beneficial.   The ‘parking desk’ will move back to the top of the stairs, and Wayne Audette will remind members from the podium.   It was also suggested that a count be made of the number of passes on dashboards for comparison to the amount collected.
18.   Next meeting date and venue
The next meeting of the Board of Directors will be at Vancouver Lawn Tennis and Badminton Club, 1630 west 16th Avenue, Vancouver, B.C. on February 5, 2013 at 9:30 am.
There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 12:00 pm.

Wayne Audette, President

Ken Yule, Secretary

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