December 6 2011 Board of Directors Minutes


Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Directors of the Probus Club of Vancouver held at the Chart Room, Royal Vancouver Yacht Club, 3811 Point Grey Road, Vancouver, B.C. on December 6, 2011 at the hour of 9:30am.

Bill Sexsmith – Past President
Don Newman – President
Wayne Audette – Vice President
Doug Lambert – House Committee Chairman
Conrad Rademaker – Membership Committee Chairman
Bill Robertson – Activities Committee Chairman
Jon Collins – Membership Services Committee Chairman
Brian Maunder – Speakers Committee Chairman
Brian Wasson –Secretary
Gordon Thom – Historian and Archivist

In invitation – Jack Zaleski

Calling Meeting to Order
President, Don Newman called the meeting to order at 9:30 am.
Brian Wasson acted as Secretary.
A quorum of members being present, the Chairman declared the meeting properly constituted for the transaction of business.

1. Minutes of Meeting of October 4, 2011
the Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting of October 4, 2011 were approved as amended and circulated.

2. Business arising from the Minutes of October 4, 2011

.1 Centralized Administrative Services
Wayne Audette reported that all feasible alternatives for outsourcing administrative services appear to be exhausted. Generally speaking, VLTBC Services is the only concern able to meet our requirements but the cost is too high. Jon Collins pointed out that one of the major cost elements is the maintenance of the website and he would like to see if the newly minted Website Committee could find a more economic solution. A discussion ensued considering using Barb Kemp to print and mail the Newsletter and print and mail the annual dues notice or to approach Linda Metcalfe(who handles the administration for the North Shore Club) to do these functions , The Chairman asked for a report back from the committee from time to time on progress.

.2 Presidents’ Luncheon
Bill Robertson reported that there are 52 registrants and that he expects a good response at the next General Meeting. Bette Cotton has accepted her invitation to attend.

. 3 Meeting Venues
UPON MOTION DULY MADE AND SECONDED a flexible policy for committee meeting venues was approved.

. 4 Incorporation Documents The Chairman proposed a number of changes to the club’s(society’s) bylaws.
-There is an error in the Interpretation Section on the Nominating Committee referencing a Past President rather than a Vice President. The President and Secretary will:
-Review providing a new member with a copy of the constitution.
-Review the one year period of non-performing member.
-review the efficacy of a financial review.
The Secretary pointed out that amendments to the bylaws will have to be submitted to the membership at large.
The Incorporation Documents were approved with review by the President and Secretary of the areas noted above.

3. Treasurer’s Report
Treasurer Richard Carson distributed a financial summary of four month period ended November 30, 2011, saying there were no surprises. The $2,500 loan to Rendezvous 2011 has been repaid. It is helpful to keep in mind that the budget figures were developed with a 375 paying membership whereas it stands at 325 today.

4. Programs

.1 Speakers

Bill Robertson reported that 260 members have signed up for the Mark Carney speaking event and that an eticket has been sent out to registrants to be printed off, once only hopefully. A member list will be available in the foyer to check off attendees.
Duthie Welsford will introduce the speaker and David Scott will thank him. Mr. Carney’s comments are strictly off the record. The event has been planned with a tight schedule due to Mr. Carney’s ongoing commitments.

Bill Sexsmith requested authority to engage two private security officers for a cost of $288.00 for the event.

Speakers Chairman Brian Maunder reported that speakers have been lined up for every meeting until June, 2012 and probably for July, 2012.
The committee is active with many good suggestions coming forward.
Wayne Audette recounted hearing of a successful estate planning speaker at the North Shore club. After discussion it was agreed that such a session would be better handled as an Activity and that it be set up in a panel format with questions submitted in advance to keep some coherence in the presentation.

.2 Activities
Bill Robertson rolled out a comprehensive list of proposed activities, three of which are set up:
Beaty Biodiversity Museum
March 22, 2012. There is room for 60 participants. The programme is for a Blue Whale film and then groups of three to tour the museum.
As part of the arrangements the club is required to prepay(with a postdated cheque the film rental cost of $280.


-Van Dusen Gardens in April
-UBC Wine Research Centre in May

On the drawing board are:
-Roberts Bank
-Annacis Island Water Treatment Plant
-Walking Tour in the Reifel Bird Sanctuary

.3 House
House Chairman Doug Lambert said things are ticking over.

.4 Membership
Conrad Rademaker distributed a December, 2011 Membership Report. There are 17 applicants on the waiting list which with accepting three new members at each meeting(skipping January) is remaining fairly constant. Three new members are proposed for December to be introduced by Norm Leach. There is now a rotating schedule for committee members to make the new member introductions.
Conrad has been following up stragglers in renewing membership. He estimates some 14 will not renew. The normal drop off rate is 5. It does not appear that the fee increase is a material factor in membership renewal. The committee is considering a membership drive with emphasis on younger members and more ethnically diverse members .
The committee has distributed a synopsis of comments received on the questionnaire sent with membership renewals. Conrad and Bill Sexsmith will coordinate a report in the Newsletter. Bill Sexsmith suggested that four new members be introduced at monthly meetings.

.5 Member Services
Jon Collins pointed out that the cost of the website in its present form is $3000-3500na year. Sophie, who manages the site says volunteers can be trained to replace some of her cost. He distributed a summary of objectives for the Website Committee and its membership(see attached), He would like to have at least two more members who are more knowledgeable in the area.
The Chairman asked if we can find a webmaster in the group and can the website be redesigned away from the format of the Probus Canada site which he does not find user friendly. He used the example of the North Shore Club as one to follow.
Jack Zaleski pointed out that there are many tools now available to design a good functioning website. The Committee should talk to Sophia as to what can be done.

.6 Newsletter
It was agreed that the timing of publishing the Newsletter some two weeks before a meeting is ideal. The cutoff for the January Newsletter is December 17, 2011.

5. New Business

.1 Communication to Members about upcoming Events
Bill Robertson proposed a simpler format for emails on Activities than Barb Kemp currently uses. Bill will compose the emails and Jack Zaleski will send them out as a simpler method of batch mailing than the one we currently use. The Committee agreed this new method of Activity emails plus posting on the website and a short notice in the Newsletter are the best methods of advertizing Activities.

.2 Promoting Probus Volunteer Opportunities
The question is to what degree is it necessary to promote volunteers? The Membership survey showed that many members are interested in getting involved. The President featured volunteerism in his December PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE. The Newsletter will start featuring the Committees in sequence, describing their functions and who is now involved with the goal of stimulating interest in participation on our committees.

.3 Dues payable to Probus Canada
UPON MOTION DULY MADE AND SECONDED IT WAS RESOLVED to pay to Probus Canada the assessment of $2.50 per member on an active membership of 330.

.4 Goals for 2011-2012(attached)

6. Air time December Meeting

7. Adjournment
The next meeting of the Board of Directors is scheduled for Tuesday, February 7, 2012 at the VANCOUVER LAWN TENNIS AND BADMINTON Club at 9:30 am.

There being no further business the meeting terminated.

Don Newman, President
Brian Wasson, Secretary

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