January 8, 2019 – Glenn Dennison “The Fauna of Howe Sound”

Glenn Dennison is a citizen scientist and marine life activist with a special interest in technology and electrical engineering. His skills, passions and interests have helped forge a passionate campaign to preserve and study the nine glass sponge reefs that populate Howe Sound and some of the Georgia Straight.

For many years, Dennison has been involved with the Marine Life Sanctuaries Society and the Underwater Council of British Columbia, organizations dedicated to protect marine life and promote safe diving.

In 2017 Dennison was honoured by the Coastal Ocean Awards for his study of Howe Sound’s glass sponge reefs. At the 22nd annual awards, which celebrated B.C.’s ocean leaders at an event at the Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Centre, he was specifically honoured for his inventive design and application of several technologies to examine the prehistoric glass sponges.

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