May 7, 2019 – Emily Carr University Tour

Event: Senior Graduates Exhibition – Emily Carr University of Art & Design – 520 East 1st Ave., Vancouver

Date and time: 10.00 am Tuesday May 7, 2019, starting with refreshments.

Attendance and Cost: Maximum 40 persons. Members and Guests. $20 per person. The fee will cover refreshments, a donation to the ‘Student Emergency Fund’ and other provided materials.

Itinerary and Presentation: We will meet at 10.00 am in the University at the Loafe Café, located on the 2nd floor, for refreshments. There will be a presentation covering an introduction to the University and highlights of the exhibition. A short question and answer session will be followed by a self-guided tour.

Getting there: The #84 bus (UBC via 4th Ave to the VCC-Clark Skytrain Station) passes the University every 10 to 12 minutes. The Main St. Skytrain Station is within a 15 minute walk.

Parking: Parking is available at $2.50 per hour – $10.00 per day. Scroll down to see a site map.

Register online with PayPal or the Activity Desk at Probus meetings in March and April by cheque or cash.

Additional information available from Terry Gill


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  1. Members registered for the Emily Carr University Visit

    Terry Gill + 1
    Chris & Susanne Finch
    Alain & Annick Boisett
    Jack Zaleski
    Ray Greenwood + 1
    Hugh Robinson
    Doug Cucheron
    Bruce Ledingham + 1
    Dean Winram
    Hugh Lindsay
    Peter Scott
    Tim Sehmer + 1
    M. Shields + 1
    Paul Beckman + 1
    Ted Horsey
    Rich Carson
    Gerry Hildebrand

    Total – 25


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