February 16, 2016-UBC-Tour of Centre for interactive Research on Sustainability and Nexterra


image003 The Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability (CIRS) was developed in response to the challenge of creating a more sustainable built environment. Its intention is to be an internationally recognized research institution that accelerates the adoption of sustainable building technologies and sustainable urban development practices in society. Research within the Centre engages issues related to, and which shape, sustainable buildings and urban development patterns. Such research requires understanding complex cross-scale and cross-discipline issues and developing new concepts and tools that are integrative, synthetic and which actively create positive synergies between systems. Nexterra is a leading provider of plant-scale, energy from renewable-waste systems that generate energy and fuels for a range of customers, including district energy providers, industrial process plant operators and independent power producers. Nexterra systems integrate seamlessly with customer operations, providing both environmental and operational advantages, including high reliability and class-leading emissions performance. The UBC consortium lead by Nexterra was developed initially as a pilot to provide a hot water system for heating UBC buildings.

9:30 am Meet at CIRS Atrium (at the main entrance). Coffee and Muffins.

10:00 am Introductory talk.

10:20 am Tour of buildings Availability:

40 guests. Two groups of 20, switching places half way through the morning.

Cost: $20.00 per person
Car pooling recommended. Best parking lot is in the West Parkade at 2140 Lower Mall:
The Parkade is accessed via University Blvd 100m NW Marine Drive.

Registration: At the January 12th and February 9th PROBUS meetings or by mail to: Gary Derkson, 4407 Haggart St., Vancouver, BC, V6L 2H4 Email: gderkson@gmail.com. Telephone: 604-734-7516

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