February 2, 2016 – Board of Directors Minutes

Jack Zaleski – chair, Doug Cucheron. Ray Greenwood, Norm Leach, Hugh Lindsay, Brian Maunder, Ian Paterson, Peter Scott, Roy Williams.

President Jack Zaleski called the meeting to order at 9:30 am. Hugh Lindsay acted as secretary.
A quorum of members being present, the president declared the meeting properly constituted for the transaction of business. A financial report was circulated prior to the meeting. This report is not included in the minutes. A copy is available from Doug Cucheron.
1. All committee chairs were present or represented.
2. A proposal to approve the minutes of the December 1, 2015 meeting, as distributed was made, seconded and passed unanimously.
3. Doug Cucheron confirmed that he had prepared a financial report for the period to December 31, 2015 that indicated that club finances were in accordance with the annual budget. The report was approved unanimously.
4. Norm Leach reported that speakers were confirmed for the next two meetings and that a number of possible speakers were being actively pursued for April and subsequent months.
5. Brian Maunder reported that there were 397 active members and about 12 applications. The Membership Committee met and discussed: (i) the lack of diversity in the membership—but made no recommendations; (ii) a decision to have membership application forms at the front desk at Probus meetings; (iii) the new badge rack which will be introduced in March; and (iv) plans to start making badges.
6. Ian Paterson outlined a busy Activities calendar that will be described in detail on the website and in future newsletters in addition to announcements at monthly meetings. Planned outings, generally held on the Tuesdays following Probus meetings, include: UBC’s CIRS and Nexterra (Feb 16); a VSO concert on March 14 (A joint project with Women’s Probus); a tour of the Downtown Eastside and visit to the Vancouver Police Museum (April 19); another John Atkins walk and talk in Chinatown (May 17); Museum of Anthropology (Sept 20).
The Activities Committee decided not to proceed with the proposed behind the scenes tour at the aquarium (too expensive), nor the return to see a Vancouver Canadians baseball game (too soon). A visit to Bard on the Beach is under consideration for June or July.
The Past Presidents’ Lunch will be held at the Arbutus Club on October 11. It was agreed to limit attendance to the comfortable capacity of the banquet room and to feature an entertaining speaker.
7. Jack Zaleski reported that due to Doug Lambert’s absence, we could not confirm whether the Planetarium would be increasing their rental fee or not.
8. Peter Scott raised the issue of distributing the newsletter to non-members, other Probus clubs and unaffiliated groups. Since the newsletters are freely accessible on the website, this does not represent a problem, but he is concerned about building and maintaining the related mailing list. Agreed to consult Bill Sexsmith, our regional Probus representative.
9. Raymond Greenwood reported that the cashiers and greeters program is working well and thanked Peter Scott for recognizing them in the Newsletter. He noted that information on the travel insurance available through PROBUS CANADA is available on the Vancouver club’s website.
He informed the meeting that the Canadian Club was hosting a luncheon at which the Minister of Defence would be speaker, and asked if it would be appropriate to make this available to Probus members at a discounted price and to promote it through the Newsletter or an e-mail. It was agreed that, as a general rule, the club would not accept advertising of such events by outside groups.
He also pointed out that 2017 will be Canada’s 150th anniversary and suggested that the club might adopt a theme of celebrating great Canadians for its speakers program.
10. Hugh Lindsay confirmed that the new Executive website password is CPR.374 and that the login remains unchanged.
11. Roy Williams reported that he had e-mailed to Board of Directors members his draft of the 2015 update of the club’s history project. Committee members thanked him for his work and agreed to send him their comments and suggestions. The history is stored on the website.
He also suggested that the club confer Honorary Life Membership on Bill Sexsmith, former President and current Regional Representative on the Probus Canada board. There have been eight Honorary Life Members, two of whom are deceased. Their number is limited to 5% of the membership (20 individuals). He agreed to prepare a written proposal for approval at the next Board of Directors meeting.
12. Jack Zaleski reported that a member had asked him if members could bring female guests to Probus monthly meetings. After discussion, it was agreed that this is not appropriate for a number of reasons. Probus Vancouver is a club for men. The objective of inviting guests is primarily to give prospective members the opportunity to see a meeting before applying for membership. Women guests may be invited to attend activities on a case-by-case basis. The policy regarding male guests is that members may invite any number of guests to meetings, but may bring an individual to not more than two meetings a year. Peter Scott undertook to include an article on guest policy in the newsletter.
It was also agreed that, in special cases with extenuating circumstances, a female caregiver might accompany a member to a meeting, but that this would not be included in the published policy.
The meeting adjourned at 11:05 am.

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