February 4th, 2014 – Board of Directors Minutes


Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Directors of the Probus Club of Vancouver held at the Vancouver Lawn Tennis & Badminton Club, 1630 West 15th Avenue, Vancouver, B.C., on Tuesday February 4, 2014 at 9:30 am.


Jon Collins – President

Doug Lambert – House Committee Chairman

Norm Leach – Membership Committee Chairman

Brian Maunder – Speakers Committee Chairman

Peter Scott = Assistant Newsletter Editor (guest)

Norm Weitzel – Historian/Archivist

Roy Williams – Newsletter Editor

Ken Yule – Secretary

REGRETS:  Wayne Audette, Rich Carson, Doug Jones, David Scott, Tony Weall, Jack Zaleski



President Jon Collins called the meeting to order at 9:30 am.   Ken Yule acted as secretary.   A quorum of members being present, the President declared the meeting properly constituted for the transaction of business.


  1. 1.     Minutes of the Meeting of December 3, 2013

UPON MOTION (Doug Lambert, Roy Williams) the Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting of December 3, 2013 were approved as circulated.

  1. 2.     Strategic Plan Review update

Jon Collins reported for David Scott that the Strategic Plan Review Committee has held one meeting and plans a second in May.   Early progress is reported.

  1. 3.     Survey

Norm Leach distributed a proposed Member Satisfaction Survey, inviting comments and suggestions.   Following a test marketing of Board of Directors members, it will be offered to the membership.

  1. 4.     President’s Luncheon 2014

No speaker has been confirmed.   After much discussion, UPON MOTION (Roy Williams, Norm Weitzel) the Committee agreed by a majority that this year the Presidents’ Luncheon will be held in October for members only at a venue to be selected by the Chairman of the House Committee.    There was general agreement that the meal be a sandwich buffet rather than a three course sit-down.   The Activities Committee will be in charge of arrangements.

  1. 5.     Treasurer

Jon Collins reported for Rich Carson that we are in an excellent financial position and the annual dues to Probus Canada have been paid.

  1. 6.     Secretary

Ken Yule reported that the bylaw amendments have been approved in Victoria.   They are posted on the website and have been forwarded to Probus Canada.   The solicitors’ bill, which was kindly reduced for us, has been paid.

  1. 7.     Speakers Committee

Brian Maunder distributed a list of confirmed speakers to July.   He will include Roy Williams in the communications with speakers to determine their audiovisual equipment requirements in advance.

  1. 8.     Activities

Ken Yule reported for Doug Jones.   Arrangements are set for the March 19 vintage car tour.   The May 7 tour of Emily Carr University and Pacific Culinary Centre lunch will be advertised shortly.   A Canadians’ baseball game in August and a trip to the Museum of Flight in Abbotsford in September are being planned.

  1. 9.     Membership

Norm Leach advised that the website has been tweaked to ease access by potential members.   There are currently 20 new members on the waitlist, and our total numbers are dropping.   The Committee agreed that a fourth new member be introduced at alternate meetings.

  1. 10.  House Committee

Doug Lambert had no issues to report.

  1. 11.  Website

In Jack Zaleski’s absence, there was nothing to report apart from the tweaking Norm Leach mentioned.

  1. 12.  Member Services

Jon Collins advised that Tony Weall had nothing to report.

  1. 13.  Newsletter

Roy Williams is pleased with the smoothness of the transition from himself to Peter Scott.   He requests that copy be submitted as early as possible to ease the time pressure on the editor.   Barb Kemp has written thanking the Club for her farewell gift and expressing her appreciation of the Club and enjoyment of working with us.

  1. 14.  History

Norm Weitzel has circulated his draft Club history by e-mail.    He invites Board of Directors members to make comments and additions, following which it will be posted on the website.    Norm expressed his thanks to Jack Zaleski for converting his handwritten notes into a computer script.   On behalf of the Committee Jon Collins congratulated Norm on this important addition to the Club’s records.

  1. 15.  Succession

Each of the members present outlined his succession arrangements.   All are underway but few in place.   Norm Weitzel is looking for a past president familiar with the club’s history to succeed him as Historian/Archivist.   In the summer Peter Scott will be looking for a backup familiar with Microsoft Publisher.   Roy Williams should have a successor to operate the audiovisual equipment at the monthly meetings.   The duties of the House Committee may be shared between two positions.

  1. 16.  New Business

There was no new business.

  1. 17.  Next Meeting

The next meeting of the Board of Directors will be at the Vancouver Lawn Tennis & Badminton Club, 1630 West 15th Avenue, Vancouver, B.C., on Tuesday April 1, 2014 at 9:30 am.

  1. 18.  Adjournment

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 11:20 am.



______________________________                                                   ____________________________

Jon Collins, President                                                                                              Ken Yule, Secretary