July 17, 2018 – Bard on the Beach “As You Like It” SOLD OUT

Sorry, this event is sold out.

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1 thought on “July 17, 2018 – Bard on the Beach “As You Like It” SOLD OUT”

  1. Attendees
    Doug Blackman and guest
    Rich Carson and guest
    George Cassady and guest
    Hugh Chaun and two guests
    Colin Connor and two guests
    Harold Copping and three guests
    Gordon Dungate and guest
    Terry Gill and guest
    Mark Johnson and guest
    Donald Jones and guest
    Hugh Lindsay
    John Madden and guest
    Arun Mehra and guest
    Anders Nordin and guest
    John Rae and guest
    Alfred Schulz and guest
    Peter Scott and guest
    Mike Shields and guest
    Peter Stigings and guest
    Gijsbrecht Stronk and guest
    Robert Vroom and guest
    Jack Zaleski and guest


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