July 9, 2013 – Andre Gerolymatos, SFU – Turkey, Iran & Israel: The Future of the Middle East

Andre Gerolymatos-1Dr. Andre Gerolymatos is a Professor of History, Chair of Hellenic Studies, and Director of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Centre for Hellenic Studies at Simon Fraser University. He received his M.A. in Classics in 1982 and his PhD in History in 1991 from McGill University and is a Concurrent Professor at History College of Nankai University, China. He has received numerous awards and fellowships including, most recently, the Hellenic Republic’s Order of the Phoenix in recognition of his contributions to Greek culture, the HRH Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee Medal acknowledging his important contributions in his service to Canada, the Simon Fraser University President’s Award for Service to the University through Public Affairs and Media Relations, and the BC Sugar Achievement Award (SFU) for activities that have brought international recognition to Simon Fraser University. He has published a number of books

including Castles Made of Sand: A Century of Anglo-American Espionage, Black Ops, and Intervention in the Middle East, St. Martins Press, New York. November 2010; Red Acropolis, Black Terror: The Greek Civil War and the Origins of Soviet-American Rivalry, New York: Basic Books, 2004; The Balkan Wars: Conquest, Revolution and Retribution from the Ottoman Era to the Twentieth Century andBeyond , New York: Basic Books, 2002; Espionage and Treason: A Study of the Proxenia in Political and Military Intelligence Gathering in Classical Greece, Amsterdam: J.C. Gieben Publishers, 1986; Guerrilla Warfare and Espionage in Greece 1940-1944, New York: Pella Publishing Company,1992 and has edited several volumes and written numerous refereed articles. He regularly contributes to The National Herald, The Globe and Mail, The Vancouver Sun and other newspapers on topics of national security, Greek, Balkan and Middle Eastern politics, and military affairs.