June 7, 2016 – Board of Directors Minutes




Doug Jones – chair, Rich Carson, Raymond Greenwood, Doug Lambert, Hugh Lindsay,

Brian Maunder, Ian Paterson, David Scott, Peter Scott, Roy Williams.

Invited guests: Hugh Chaun, Nick LeMoine


  1. Vice – President Doug Jones called the meeting to order at 9:30 am. Rich Carson acted as secretary.
  2. A quorum of members being present, the vice-president declared the meeting properly constituted for the transaction of business.
  3. A proposal to approve the minutes of the April 5, 2016 meeting, as distributed was made, seconded and passed unanimously. Hugh Lindsay pointed out that contrary to the comment in the minutes regarding informing speakers of the record kept of their remarks, the website is not password protected and this should be clarified. Roy Williams set out the protocol for attending the meetings of other PROBUS clubs. In Canada, you can visit any club but you should contact he club and tell them you are planning to attend.
  4. Peter Scott described the challenges of summarizing the speaker’s presentation for inclusion in the newsletter. A recording device has been purchased and captured the presentation of the May speaker satisfactorily. However, transcribing the recording is a challenge for anyone not trained for this task. It was agreed that the club should be prepared to pay $100 or more to an individual or transcription service for this task. Committee members undertook to try and find a transcriber as soon as possible, ideally for the June meeting. Once the presentation has been transcribed, Peter feels confident that he can edit for inclusion in the newsletter. Peter reported the names of two deceased members, Ken Weaver and John Ibbott and Doug Lambert will arrange suitable memorial donations in their names.
  5. In Norm Leach’s absence, Brian Maunder assisted by David Scott will lead the Speaker Committee until the AGM. Brian stated that speakers are confirmed for the next 3 months and Bramwell Tovey is tentatively confirmed for the September meeting in the Music Centre. After further investigation, it turns out that Bramwell Tovey may not be available for our September meeting. A number of names are under consideration for the Presidents’ Lunch and further suggestions would be welcomed by the committee.
  6. Ian Paterson updated the Activities calendar that is listed on the website and in described in detail in newsletters in addition to announcements at monthly meetings. The proposed Bard on the Beach visit was cancelled because we were too late to guarantee good seats. We will start earlier next year and hope to have Christopher Gaze speak to the May 2017 meeting in advance of the show visit. The next proposed event is a paddle wheel steamer tour out of New Westminster on July 27 for members and guests with a charge of $60 per person. Details are available in the usual sources. A visit to the Museum of Anthropology is planned for Sep 20, 2016. Another downtown walk is proposed for November. The Presidents’ Lunch arrangements are on track with a projected deficit of approximately $700, in line with last year. As mentioned above, the speaker has not been confirmed.
  7. Raymond Greenwood said that he was finding new members who were willing volunteers to act as cashiers and greeters. Raymond, as a new board member of the Museum of Vancouver suggested that members should be invited to visit the Museum before or after a regular monthly meeting to become aware of the exhibits on display, possibly including coffee or something similar. There was a significant level of interest in the proposal.
  8. Roy Williams reported on the process to make Bill Sexsmith an honorary life member. Roy will codify the criteria for such recognition based on meritorious service over several years or a special contribution. The committee supported Roy’s proposal to obtain a plaque to be provided to Bill, at the Presidents’ Lunch when he is recognized.


The meeting adjourned at 11:15 am.

The next meeting will be at 9:30 am on July 26, 2016 at the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club.

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