March 17, 2015 – Pacific Museum of Earth at UBC

Pacific Museum of EarthYour activities Committee has arranged for guided tours of the Pacific Museum of the Earth and the brand new Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Science Building at UBC. Included in the tour is an exhibit, the first of its kind in Canada called the “Omniglobe” which projects on a globe spectacular interactive images of planets, real time weather, ocean currents, tsunamis, forest fires, past ice coverage, plate tectonics and much more. After completing this tour, you will be eager to recommend the exhibits to friends or grandchildren.

This fascinating event will be held on Tuesday, March 17 at 9.30 am at the Earth, Ocean and Planetary Science Building at UBC. The activity is open to members only as we are limited to 40 people.

Register at the February Probus meeting or by mailing a cheque for $20 payable to “Probus Club of Vancouver” to Ian Paterson, 5749 Athlone St, Vancouver, BC, V6M 3A1. Please write “PME” in the memo section of the cheque and make sure your name is on the cheque.

Scroll down this page to see who’s registered.


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  1. Registrations 42 – Fully subscribed

    Armstrong, , Gordon
    Ashby , Michael
    Audette, , Wayne
    Baird , Robert
    Cheb , Bill
    Collins, , Jon
    Collyer , David
    Copping , Harold
    Cucheron , Douglas
    Daem , Ted
    Dawson , Keith
    Dyer , Bob
    Finch , Chris
    Fitz-Clarke , Ted
    Gibson , Sam
    Graham , Doug
    Harley , Frank
    Hill , John
    Horswill , Doug
    Jacobsen , Michael
    Jones , Doug
    Krause , Vernon
    Ledingham , Bruce
    Lindsay , Hugh
    Madden , John
    Nordin , Anders
    Nugent , Bob
    Owens , Owen
    Paterson , Ian
    Rawthorne , John
    Risk , Don
    Robertson , Bill
    Robinson , Anthony
    Rowe , Bernard
    Shackell , Stan
    Solloway , Bob
    Watt , Eric
    Webber , Orrin
    White , Mark
    Willis , Frank
    Yorsh , Ralph
    Yule , Kenneth

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    Zaleski , Jack
    Lawrence , Mike
    Commons , Ken
    Connor , Colin
    Sauve , Leo


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