Oct. 14, 2014 – Presidents Luncheon

Open to MEMBERS and male GUESTS

 BudraContinuing our tradition of excellent speakers at our Presidents’ Lunch, this year the very entertaining Dr. Paul Budra will make Shakespeare come alive.  Chair of the English Department at SFU, Budra’s pre-performance lectures at Bard on the Beach have been called among the best in the world!  Budra, whose full CV will appear in the next Newsletter, is highly recommended by Christopher Gaze.For the past two years, our meeting has featured a full three course luncheon at the Marine Drive Golf Course.  The Board of Directors feels that this may be more than the majority of our members wanted to eat at noon and that, combined with the cost of delivering such a meal, was a deterrent to some.  So this year, we have changed the location to the Arbutus Club and will be providing a gourmet sandwich buffet lunch, with a hot soup, at the more modest cost of $25 per person.This change, combined with the quality of our speaker, is likely to result in a full house – remember that space is limited by the size of the room we have reserved, so get your reservation in fast!
Registration Options 1. At the Activity Desk at the Probus Meetings on August 12th and September 9th2. Mail this registration form and payment ($25 per person) to: Doug Jones, 17—5760 Hampton Place, Vancouver, BC, V6T 2G1; E-Mail: jonzee88@hotmail.comMake checks payable to the Probus Club of Vancouver.
Remember – you will not be registered until payment is received.I plan to attend: Name:_____________________________________________________E-Mail:_____________________________________ Phone number:___________________


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  1. Attendees

    Adrian Grant Duff
    Al Hurwitz
    Alan Watt
    Alan Whitchelo
    Andrew Pike
    Anthony Robinson
    Bill Haberl
    Bill Lang
    Bill Robertson
    Billy Ellis
    Blair Dymond
    Bob Clarke
    Bob Cowan
    Bob Nugent
    Bob Ross
    Bob Solloway
    Bob Swannell
    Braden Jolly
    Brent Scott
    Brian Carpenter
    Brian Maunder
    Brian McGavin
    Brian Peters
    Brian Wasson
    Bruce Ledingham
    Carl Jonsonn
    Charles Flavelle + Guest
    Chris Finch
    Chris Lay
    Dave Hazelwood
    Dave Muller
    Dave Pulfrey
    David Cannell
    David Clark
    David Lirenman
    David Scott
    Dean Winram
    Derek Mullen
    Don Codville
    Doug Blackman
    Doug Cucheron
    Doug Graham
    Doug Horswill
    Doug Jones
    Doug Lambert
    Eric Watt
    G. Thiruchittampalam
    Gene Wrankmore
    George Beagrie
    George Cook
    George Mackenzie
    George McRobbie + Guest
    Gerard Farry
    Gerry O’Conner
    Gordon Dungate
    Gordon Lyall
    Harry Beattie
    Hart Flatt
    Henry Levelt
    Ian Carmichael
    Ian Mair
    Ian Paterson
    Jack Harrigan
    Jack Wood
    Jack Zaleski
    James Carter
    James McClennan
    Janus Matkin
    Jeff Mynett
    Jim Pitcairn
    John Dawson
    John Fitz-Clarke
    John Gemmill
    John Gunn
    John Hoyle
    John Madden
    John Morgan
    John Rae
    Keith Dawson
    Ken Townsend
    Ken Yule
    Leigh Durland
    Leo Sauve
    Leon Pond
    Lindsay Mann
    Lionel Cook
    Mark White + Guest
    Martin Christy
    Michael Francis
    Michael Jacobson
    Michael King
    Michael Lawrence
    Michael Shields
    Neil Smythe
    Norm Leach
    Orrin Webber
    Otto Forgacs
    Owen Owens
    Paul Hansen
    Paul McCrea
    Peter Cook
    Peter Kokan
    Peter Scott + Guest
    Ralph Yorsh
    Rich Carson
    Robert Baird
    Robert Kennedy
    Ron Pears
    Ross Collver
    Terry Heenan
    Tim Gibbs
    Tony Wallinger
    Tony Weall
    Trevor Sandy
    Walter Badun
    Walter Enns
    Zenon Gorchynski