October 19, 2021 – 10am Low Energy eFlowTM Technology Visit Facilities

On Tuesday, October 19, thirteen PROBUS members met at the Burnaby Headquarters of Loop Energy Inc. This was the first in person-visit since the beginning of the COVID 19 restrictions. This visit was made possible thanks to Peter Jefferson, PROBUS member and Loop Energy investor, who introduced PROBUS to the Loop Energy management

The PROBUS group was welcomed by Ben Nyland, President and CEO, who explained how the company started, from a new hydrogen fuel cell design in a UBC research lab to a public company trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange since its IPO on February 25, 2021.

The company is presently producing 30/50/60 kW modules already in use in a fleet of municipal buses in Nanjing, China and is presently expanding their industrial manufacturing and business development with other locations in Asia and Europe. Loop Energy is now positioned to take off on a global scale as they expand to service and supply customers around the world. Loop’s technology is the answer for industrial sized fuel cell demand and Loop is on their way to becoming the largest supplier in their field for industrial sized clean energy demand.

During the visit, Ben Nyland showed the group two 50 KW fuel cell modules and explained how they work, creating electrical power and water (moisture or liquid) with zero carbon emission. He has no doubt that the time will come soon when the stock market reacts very positively to Loop Energy.

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