October 4 2011 – Board of Directors Minutes






1) Rich Carson was introduced as the new treasurer and welcomed as a new member to the Board of Directors.

2) The Minutes of the Management Meeting August 2, 2011 were passed unanimously – moved by W. Audette and seconded by D. Lambert.

3) Business arising from the Minutes

1) Centralized Administrative Services Committee Status – W. Audette stated negotiations with SSU as a central office for Probus Vancouver should be abandoned as he believes the negotiations have not gone anywhere, SSU does not understand our society’s needs, and they most likely could not provide the services needed by Probus Vancouver on a cost effective basis. This committee will explore other options. Past President B. Sexsmith will replace Don Newman on this committee.

2) Report on Rendezvous 2011 – This conference was considered a success; attendance was anticipated at 150 but recorded 179 attendees(including 12 from Australia), 122 full time and 57 partial attendees. Evaluations presently being tabulated are overwhelmingly positive. The conduct and success of the conference earned goodwill for the local Probus clubs with Probus Canada.

3) Meeting with Linda Metcalf re Website, Centralizing Services- D. Newman, J.Collins and B. Sexsmith met with Linda Metcalf who handles many of the functions required by Northshore Probus Club to explore the possibility of Ms. Metcalf assuming some of the duties required by Probus Vancouver. Ms. Metcalf had a strong role in the organization of the recent Probus Rendez-vous and B.Sexsmith stated her work was praised by those who worked with her. Further talks will be held with Ms. Metcalf to determine which activities she might undertake for Probus Vancouver. She did indicate that she does not design society websites.

4) Cost of the January 2012 President’s Luncheon. W. Robertson presented a summary of the costs of the 2011 Presidential Luncheon – see attached. For the 2012 Luncheon it was decided that member cost would not be subsidized. However, Past Presidents would not be charged but would pay for their guests. Barb Kemp and Bette Cotton would be invited as well. R. Williams, D. Lambert and W. Robertson will meet with representatives of the Italian Cultural Centre to determine costs and prepare a budget.

 4) Treasurer’s Report- R.Carson and W. Audette presented the Financial Report for the two month period ending September 30, 2011. See attached.

5) Programs

1) Speakers – D. Scott presented the latest update re future speakers. It is hoped to have the Premier of B.C. will speak at the January President’s Luncheon. B. Maunder will take over as Head of Speakers Committee later in the fall.

2) Activities – W. Robertson reported the Seymour-Capilano Water Filtration Plant activity was a success from both the interest and the financial point of view. A possible tour of the new BC Place Stadium may take place in October or November but time, place etc. have yet to be determined.

3) Membership – C. Rademaker noted there will be three new members introduced at the November meeting and presently fourteen individuals are on the waiting list for membership. Approximately 80 plus members have yet to renew their membership – deadline for payment is the end of October.

4) Member Services – J. Collins stated he has received no complaints re the new membership fee structure. However, several members of the committee did state that they had received complaints. The possibility of a third greeter to circulate and talk to new members was discussed. D.Newman will circulate a memo to past presidents to determine their interest in performing this function.

5) Newsletter – R. Williams stated things continue well with the newsletter.

6) Archives – G. Thom stated all archives are now electronic and there are no paper records


6. New Business

1. Incorporation Documents, Constitution and By Laws –a copy of the proposal documents prepared under the supervision of Brian Wasson were distributed to be read and perused prior to the next meeting. Discussion of possible changes and corrections is scheduled for the next meeting.

2. President’s Goals for 2011/2012 – see attached. D. Newman presented a list of possible goals to be discussed and implanted over the next year. A number of these goals will be discussed in depth at future meetings. There was some agreement that we should add a review of the Website and Pay Pal

Including a short “learning” session for members might be helpful.


7. Air Time October Meeting – Note was made of those who will require speaking time at the upcoming October meeting.


8. Meeting Venues – the December Board of Directors Meeting will not be held at VLT. Future meetings of the various Probus committees can be held at VLT, Royal Vancouver Yacht Club, Whitespot or where ever the committee chairman determines he wishes to hold the meeting. A policy of flexible meeting sites was proposed.





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