September 13, 2016 – Dr. David Sweet – Forensic Science — An insider’s point of view

Dr. David Sweet, O.C.David Sweet

Dr. David Sweet, O.C. enjoys solving puzzles. And he’s pretty good at it. So combined with qualifications in dentistry, forensic dentistry, medicine and forensic medicine, Dr. Sweet is in a unique position to help police solve the puzzles that are often present at crime scenes. His laboratory, known as BOLD Forensic Laboratory, has been involved in over 1100 high-profile criminal cases since its inception in 1996. Dr. Sweet has developed new techniques that are now used internationally by forensic investigators. Many of these techniques are applied to unusual exhibits and trace evidence under strange circumstances. Dr. Sweet is a tenured professor at UBC Dentistry and director of the BOLD Forensic Laboratory. In 2008, Dr. Sweet was appointed an Officer of the Order of Canada for his work as a forensic scientist, researcher, teacher and consultant. He was chief scientist for disaster victim identification at INTERPOL in France from 2005–2011 and forensic advisor to the International Committee of the Red Cross in Switzerland from 2009–2012.

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