Rotarians’ Investment Club

Information as of May 1st, 2024

The Club was formed in April 1998 by 33 members of the Vancouver PROBUS Club, and the Vancouver Rotary Club. It was spearheaded by the late Fred Cotton, Gordon Thom, and several members of the Rotary Club of Vancouver.
We each invested $3,000.00, and have held regular dinner meetings at the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club, Point Grey Road, on the last Thursday of every month, except for a summer meeting, usually of a social nature, and a Christmas party, with spouses/partners.
Our Meetings usually commence with guest speakers such as Senior Portfolio Managers of major stock brokers and advisors, representatives of companies we are considering, and reports from our own Members who have also researched and given presentations on Forestry, REITS, ETF, and Energy for example.
Over an excellent 3 course dinner (including wine) there is open discussion on the speaker’s topic and other matters of interest. In addition, one of our members reviews the result of last month’s (voluntary) $5.00 “bet” on the S & P Index, with the closest guess taking all!
All “trades” are proposed, discussed, and voted upon by members at our regular meetings. We currently hold about 12 stocks and one or two “watchdogs” are appointed to report each month on any happenings which are then reviewed by members and a vote taken to hold or sell by those present.
In 2010 we experimented with an idea that has proved to be extremely successful by providing interesting ideas, discussion and much participation – our “Round Table Review”. Members are encouraged to bring forward a stock idea (preferably where they have some inside knowledge or experience) and a brief description is given by the proposer. Then each member (or guest) has 2 choices and the two stocks with the most “votes” are presented by the proposing members in greater detail for the next meeting.
Members are also expected to do some personal checking about those two stocks so that an intelligent decision can be made to Buy or Watch the chosen stocks at the next meeting. Members frequently use these ideas to research and add to their own personal portfolios.
The aim of the Club is to learn from the guest speakers and club members, many of whom have excellent stock market experience. You will learn a lot by seeing how different members have researched their “picks” and by doing your own research. Some members also have “inside” information that adds to the decision-making.
Many individuals have their own portfolios managed by professional advisors and leave the investment decisions to them, usually after some discussion regarding the client’s objectives. However, learning firsthand the various aspects of investing from being a Club Member will give you the knowledge to be able to discuss and understand some of the advisor’s decisions.
A very important by-product of being a Club Member is that we have all really enjoyed the fellowship gained from being part of a small, intelligent, and convivial group who get together every month over an excellent meal, a glass or two of wine, and conversation.
There is a no-host bar at 6.00 pm, with the meeting starting promptly at 6.30 pm, with an excellent 3-course dinner including wine. Cost is $100.00 for a guest/prospective member. The current annual cost for members is a prepaid $800.00 per annum, and since most members miss a meeting or two, it helps to pay for the wine.
If you decide to join us, we ask that you be prepared to:
 (a) attend fairly regularly;
(b) actively participate as a watchdog on one or more of our current holdings or proposed purchases (we do have guidelines);
(c) bring ideas to the table from time to time (for the Round Table Review).
(d)  make an investment at the market value when you join; (currently in April 2024, about $5,500.00), plus a pro-rated meal money amount equal to the per-member amount of money in the separate meal money account (currently assessed at $800.00 per annum paid in June). In case you are wondering why our invested cash has not increased substantially over the years, there have been several occasions when we have used our profits to pay for our meals, and have tried to keep the entry investment at a reasonable level. This subject is currently being considered by the new Committee.
We are there to learn by doing, make a return on our money, and enjoy the fellowship, which has been an important part of our Club. You may leave at any time, but there is a 5.00 % “departure tax” when you leave. Also, when you leave, you receive back your exact share of the meal money account. Our Treasurer and/or one of our members also provides the appropriate tax forms each year for you to file.
You are welcome to come along to one or two dinner meetings (please bring a cheque for the $100.00 meal cost which covers gratuities/taxes, and a couple of glasses of dinner wine!) to see if you would like to join us. Meetings are usually over by 9.30 pm. Membership preference is given to members of Probus or Rotary, and ladies are very welcome – we have two at present – membership is limited to about 26 members due to the accommodation at the RVYC, although up to 33 is stated in our Constitution.
 Please feel free to call any member of the Executive if you have questions and are interested in joining the Club. A monthly Agenda will be emailed to you upon request to John Sullivan. Application form from John Sullivan-604-263-4486 (
President: Richard Higgins 604-733-9861 (; Vice President: Fred West 778-668-1235; Past President: Gabby Dickert 778-668-9361; Treasurer: John Bathurst 604-987-6627; Secretary: Emily Barcket 604-315-9650; Investment Committee Chair: Richard Landahl 604-271-8413; Program Committee Chair: TBA.
Updated for the June 2024 – 2025 year