January 10, 2023
The Core Predicament of Our Time

Arno Kopecky

Award-winning Canadian journalist and travel writer

Arno Kopecky is an environmental journalist and author based in Vancouver. His stories examine how culture an politics are influenced by environmental issues, ranging from climate change to the health of wild salmon on BC’s coast. His stories can be found in The Globe and Mail, The Walrus, The Tyee, The National Observer, and other publications. His latest book is The Environmentalist’s Dilemma, a collection of reported essays exploring different ways that individuals and institutions are responding to the ecological crisis.

When he faced a dilemma we may all recognize, how to reconcile two seemingly antagonistic ways of viewing our world where one view sees the earth, and us, as doomed due to out-of-control climate change and the other notes the progress we humans have made, and continue to make, to improve life on all sorts of fronts, he wrote this book to explore the conflicting points of view.

On January 10, he’ll tell us what he found out.