January 9, 2024
UBC Research on Nerve-Cell Regeneration

John Madden

Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

John Madden is the son of our member with the same name! He and his team are investigating new and unusual electronic materials for application in solar cells, energy storage (batteries and super-capacitors), printable electronics and artificial muscle. Materials include conducting polymers (for artificial muscle applied to drive medical devices, and for printable electronics), carbon nanotubes (ultrahigh stress artificial muscle), electrospun carbon nanofibres (energy storage), and photosynthetic reaction centres (photovoltaic devices).

Dr. Madden worked as a research scientist at MIT before joining UBC in 2002. He completed his PhD work in the BioInstrumentation Laboratory at MIT. His bachelor’s degree is in Honours Physics, UBC and he has a master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering, McGill. Among Dr. Madden’s current research interests are artificial muscle and application to medical devices, photosynthetic photovoltaics, super-capacitors, batteries, sensors, and carbon nanotube devices.