June 13, 2023
The Russian Refugees: A Family's First Century in Canada

Mike Andruff


Mike Andruff has previously self-published ten travel books. This is his first venture into a published non-fiction historical genre.

He is a first-generation Canadian and was in a unique position to observe his refugee father, the main character in the book, over the course of his lifetime. The story focuses on the amazing journey Mike’s father’s family took, to escape persecution in Russia for their religious beliefs. Over a lengthy time, they travelled across Siberia and entered China where they stayed for several years, then travelled by boat to Vancouver via Japan, finally reaching Canada in June, 1924 almost exactly 99 years ago!

Solitude brought on by Covid-19 and the notion of writing a family history revealed to him the importance of the private sponsorship of refugees in Canada.

Mike had a long career in business and is now happily retired. He lives in Vancouver, BC, with his wife, Claire.