September 10, 2019 – George Garrett “Intrepid Reporter”

George Garrett
Retired News Reporter

A kind of Zelig of B.C. news reporters, Garrett was on the ground level for pretty much all the big stories from the mid-1950s until the end of the 1990s.

“It was a lot of luck, but I guess also I might have had an intuition on some things. Others were just pure serendipity that I happened to be there at the right time,” said Garrett recently about his habit of being there when the big stories broke.

During a recent conversation, Garrett talked about some of those right place, right time moments.

One instance had Garrett flying in on a helicopter to cover a Native blockade near Lillooet. Reporters from other news outlets had already been there for a few days watching nothing happen. Garrett said no sooner had he landed than rows of RCMP officers marched in to enforce a court order.

“The other reporters were pretty upset. ‘Bloody Garrett, he’s so lucky’ ” said Garrett, adding a laugh, but not too big of a laugh. That would be smug and that isn’t George Garrett. “I just seem to have a sense when things are going to happen, but of course I missed a lot, too.”

Now 20 years after his official retirement from CKNW Radio (he also worked for BCTV, now Global TV), Garrett has released his memoir. George Garrett: Intrepid Reporter takes readers into some of B.C’s most memorable news stories, as well as delivering a picture of the man behind the microphone and the wheel of the news cruiser.

Source: The Vancouver Sun, March 9, 2019

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