January 10, 2017 – Stan Ridley – President, West 2012 Energy Management Inc. – Their future is in our hands

stan-ridleyStan Ridley

Stan is a well qualified broadly based power and energy executive with 40 years of hands-on experience working with the private sector, governments and NGOs on projects on five continents.

Over his long career in the power and energy business, Stan has held a number of senior executive positions including President of B.C. Hydro International, Senior Vice President (power) for SNC-Lavalin and President of West Energy Management (his own power and energy Consulting company).

In addition to his hands-on experience on fossil fueled projects, large and small hydroelectric projects, and renewable wind and biomass projects, Stan has had considerable experience with environmental impact and socio-economic assessments and reports.


Stan will review our Power and Energy use history through the ages, from the long Muscle Power Age into the Fossil Fuel Age and on to our present Global Warming & Climate Change (GW&CC) impasse.  He will briefly review the present alternatives and possible approaches to finding “breakthrough” solutions and explore the technical, engineering, financial, commercial, social and political restraints to moving forward efficiently and effectively to find the desperately needed solutions before the Planet reaches the GW&CC “tipping point”.

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